Stefano Valentino

Stefano Valentino is based in Brussels both to cover EU issues and to use the International milieu of the Capital of Europe as a strategic hub to make contacts for media trips worldwide. Through his graduate studies in Politcal Science and post-graduate work experiences Stefano has been focused on European and global issues. Such an international orientation had a fundamental impact on his journalistic career. In ’98 he was recruited as a reporter at Europe Information Service (Brussels-based press agency). After acquiring the official status of “professional journalist” in Italy, in 2001 he decided to work on a freelance basis as a correspondent from Brussels where he has broadly covered European affairs for some of the main Italian print media (il Giornale, Panorama) and for several specialised magazines, such as the business bi-monthly Lombard Finanza. Since 2005 he has been travelling abroad to make investigations and reportages on local and international issues, mainly for the weeklies Famiglia cristiana, il Venerdì (La Repubblica) and the daily il Sole24 Ore, as well as for some foreign newspapers. such as the US Bismarck Tribune, the Belgian Mondiaal Nieuws amd the Korean Sisa-In. Currently, enquiring on the geopolitical conflicts involving business globalisation and human rights is among his highest qualifications. In 2006 he was awarded with the Citigroup "Exellency in Financial Journalism", in 2007 he received an honorary mention in the journalism contest "Mediterranean Inter-Cultural Dialogue" and in 2008 he was finalist at the reportage contest "Premio Lucchetta". Besides doing foreign reporting, since 2008 he has been operating his own EU online customized information service named In 2008 he has also founded the no profit association Reporters for an Interactive, Cooperative and Specialzied Information (Ricsi). On the basis of this association he is currenlty working with international and NGO partenes on two new projects: the ongoing (reporting service on sustainable tourism) and the upcoming GlobalReporter (reporting service on development and human rights).

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